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Communicate with Influence


How do we Communicate effectively and Influence others?

Communication is an integral part of any job, but how you communicate can make the difference between success and failure.  The benefits of good communication are well documented, but not all people are aware of the hidden costs of poor communication.

This course can help your staff members explore, practice and improve their workplace communication.  Communicate with Influence is a training course for people who want to speak more effectively in meetings, presentations, and person-to-person communication.  The course will teach you how to communicate more persuasively when negotiating agreements, presenting ideas, or having difficult conversations.  It will be helpful for anyone who wants to become more persuasive when they are in front of an audience or negotiating with someone face-to-face. Through this course, participants will learn how to Communicate with Influence in any situation.

Communicate with Influence uses the DiSC framework to create an appreciation of the different communication style preferences and how this insight can be used for more effective communication.  It includes verbal, written and non-verbal communication and specifically focuses on how to build trust and rapport as well as how to plan for communication strategically.

Academy facilitators provide the best learning experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s face to face or delivered in a virtual environment. Our workshops are an experience for your team that encourage you to fully engage. We create this experience through a delivery that connects with each learner individually and the group as a whole. 


One day


Certificate of Completion


Virtual Instructor Led | Face to face


$600 per person (GST Inclusive)

Communication with Influence – objectives

This course is designed to help you create  better communication channels throughout your whole company, improve collaboration for your teams and staff. This training will help you:

  • Identify own and others communication style preferences (DiSC)
  • Apply influencing styles and processes
  • Identify ways to build trust and rapport
  • Map stakeholders to develop effective communication strategies
  • Plan for networking activities to connect with others
  • Apply deep listening and questioning techniques
  • Make conscious language and body language choices for high impact
  • Plan for influential communication and explain ideas with greater effectiveness and clarity

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