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What is Frontline Leadership training?

Industries are always searching for ways to build tomorrow’s leaders.  Investing and building trust in your people is always a sound strategy.  The Frontline Leadership course provides a steady path for your co-workers to become the next Team Leaders or Supervisors within your industry.  The Frontline Leadership course will equip your people with the skills, knowledge and right tools to accelerate your industries Leadership programs.  This course is highly recommended for staff that are looking for the key skills to thrive and lead their industry.

Frontline Leadership explores what it means to be an effective leader.  It provides an easy-to-follow framework building the foundations for great leadership.  It delves into settings the right expectations.  It opens up on providing feedback to build your team and simplifies coaching for growth.  It connects strategy to tactics.  It will explain how your organisational vision is transformed into key results and provide performance indicators for success.  The Frontline Leadership course provides the latest approach on how to plan, design and deliver engaging presentations.  It will guide you through ways to negotiate effectively within your industry as a key part of this course.  Frontline Leadership delivers what it takes to lead today.

Academy facilitators provide the best learning experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s face to face or delivered in a virtual environment. Our workshops are an experience for your team that encourage you to fully engage. We create this experience through a delivery that connects with each learner individually and the group as a whole. 

Here is an interesting article from Harvard about the importance of developing your frontline leadership.



One day


Certificate of Completion


Virtual Instructor Led | Face to face


$600 per person (GST Inclusive)

Frontline Leadership – objectives

This course is designed to help train your staff to plan for difficult conversations and approach every discussion with confidence

  • Identify different leadership styles and traits and adapt an approach to suit different situations
  • Set expectations and monitor performance against standards
  • Provide positive and improvement feedback applying easy to use frameworks
  • Coach for growth and career development using several methodologies
  • Develop and deliver influential and engaging presentations
  • Plan negotiations and apply basic skills to negotiate persuasively

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