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Leadership Short Courses

Transferable workplace skills are critical to the success in any industry. Your employees are the powerhouse behind what you do, so helping them increase their knowledge and improve their professional skills will only boost your business. Accelerated corporate one-day workshops designed to transform your workplace.

Leadership Courses

Our courses provide the foundation to lead from the front, perform better as a team, communicate, problem solve and make decisions that are right for your industry. The Academy has the right course to unlock your potential.

Unlock Potential

“People don’t quit a job, the saying goes — they quit a boss." Investing in the right training is a strategic decision. The Academy provides the platform to invest in your team. We focus on connecting your people by unlocking their potential to perform.

Learning and Development

It doesn’t matter if you’re conducting your first team meeting or selling a problem-solving solution to your industry, our team will consult, design and deliver the right course for your industry. Call us to discuss the best options.

What do our students say about our courses?

“I’m so glad I completed the Women in Leadership course. It has really helped me to enhance my skills. I feel confident now that I can excel in my role. I would recommend the course to women in business looking to take their leadership skills to the next level”
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Team Manager
Not sure about what kind of training is the right fit for your industry?